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BCT Assists Asian cycling legend Wong Kam-po and the rising star Jeffrey Ngai to manage their MPF Now for a better future.

Wong Kam-po

After I retired as an athlete, I became a cycling coach, and I returned to college. Looking ahead, I'd like to continue promoting sport development in Hong Kong, using my experience to help retired athletes transit to a new life after sport. Speaking of retirement planning, I'll consolidate my MPF accounts from the past with BCT. Their expert will help me to manage MPF and I can view my MPF balance anytime, anywhere on the mobile app. It's easy to use and convenient!

Wong Kam-po

Asian cycling legend

Jeffrey Ngai

I'm very interested in acting, singing and doing reality shows, and I'd like to take every opportunity to try different things. As for managing MPF, BCT MPF app is very convenient. You can manage the account anytime, anywhere. It's my habit to save money and BCT's MPF Special Voluntary Contribution allows me to save through monthly contributions and it's a good way to learn investment.

Jeffrey Ngai

The rising star

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The "Promotional Period" of 2021 MPF Rewards for Future ("the Activity") is from July 29, 2021 to October 31, 2021, both days inclusive.
  2. The Activity is only applicable to MPF assets which are transferred to and invested under the account of "BCT (MPF) Pro Choice" (“Transfer of Accrued Benefits”).
  3. Customers will be entitled to receive the one-off Bonus Unit Rebate if they meet the following requirements:

    (i) The Transfer of Accrued Benefits applied are successfully transferred on or before December 31, 2021 ("Record Verification Date") to customer’s personal account or contribution account under the BCT (MPF) Pro Choice; and

    (ii) If the customer’s account has been cancelled / terminated or any asset is transferred out / withdrawn from the relevant accounts before the distribution of bonus. Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited (”BCT”) shall have a right not to provide the Bonus Unit Rebate to such customers.

  1. By fulfilling the aforesaid terms and conditions, customers would be entitled for the one-off Bonus Unit Rebate based on the accrued benefits transferred.

    Asset Transfer In Amount (HK$)

    One-off Bonus Unit Rebate (HK$)

    $50,000 to < $100,000


    $100,000 to < $150,000


    $150,000 to < $250,000


    $250,000 to < $500,000


    $500,000 to < $1,000,000


    $1,000,000 to < $2,000,000


    $2,000,000 or above


  1. Bonus Unit Rebate (if applicable) will be credited to the member’s relevant accounts used for the Activity under the Scheme as extra units in January, 2023. The bonus units will be allocated according to (i) the existing fund(s) holding of the relevant accounts and (ii) the unit prices of the relevant constituent fund(s), as of the date of allocation (being a business day).
  2. The Activity can only be used in conjunction with the "BCT MPF Account Consolidation Offer" (if applicable). For details, please refer to the leaflet of "BCT MPF Account Consolidation Offer".
  3. For details of constituent fund and management fee, please refer to the “MPF Scheme Brochure for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice”.
  4. In the event of any disputes arising from this promotion, BCT reserves the right to make final decisions.

^ Please refer to the “BCT MPF Account Consolidation Offer” leaflet for details of the preferential management fees applicable to personal account of BCT (MPF) Pro Choice.

+ Please refer to MPF Scheme Brochure for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice for details of the constituent funds. “Management fees” include the fees of the trustee, administrator, custodian, sponsor and investment manager of a scheme for providing their services to the relevant funds. They are usually charged as a percentage of the net asset value of a fund. In the case of the Core Accumulation Fund and the Age 65 Plus Fund, management fees payable to the parties named above, or their delegates, can only (subject to certain exceptions in the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance) be charged as a percentage of the net asset value of the DIS Fund. These management fees are also subject to a statutory daily limit equivalent to 0.75% per annum of the net asset value of the DIS Fund which applies across both the DIS Fund and its underlying funds. Preferential Management Fee in respect of a fund is arrived at by applying Bonus Unit Rebate to the Standard Management Fees of that fund. The calculation of Preferential Management Fee of each fund is shown as follows: “Preferential Management Fee = Standard Management Fees – the rate of Bonus Unit Rebate”. Bonus unit rebate is calculated on the basis of total net asset value of the relevant account at the end of each month. If there is no asset in the relevant account at the end of that month, no bonus unit rebate for that month will be granted. As the Preferential Management Fees of DIS funds are the same as the Standard Management Fees, there will no bonus unit rebate. Bonus unit rebate will be credited to the relevant account after the end of each quarter. If the member terminates the relevant account or all assets in the relevant account have been transferred out before the end of the quarter, bonus unit rebate for that quarter will be forfeited.

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