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BCT Assists Asian cycling legend Wong Kam-po and the rising star Jeffrey Ngai to manage their MPF Now for a better future.

Wong Kam-po

After I retired as an athlete, I became a cycling coach, and I returned to college. Looking ahead, I'd like to continue promoting sport development in Hong Kong, using my experience to help retired athletes transit to a new life after sport. Speaking of retirement planning, I'll consolidate my MPF accounts from the past with BCT. Their expert will help me to manage MPF and I can view my MPF balance anytime, anywhere on the mobile app. It's easy to use and convenient!

Wong Kam-po

Asian cycling legend

Jeffrey Ngai

I'm very interested in acting, singing and doing reality shows, and I'd like to take every opportunity to try different things. As for managing MPF, BCT MPF app is very convenient. You can manage the account anytime, anywhere. It's my habit to save money and BCT's MPF Special Voluntary Contribution allows me to save through monthly contributions and it's a good way to learn investment.

Jeffrey Ngai

The rising star