BCT Virtual Assistant Macy

BCT virtual assistant MACY, powered by artificial intelligence ad natural language processing, can start a conversion and provide you with MPF information 24/7, including general questions, requests for forms and enquiries about applications process. Even though you are not able to make a phone call, you can make an enquiry and get an instant answer!

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can ask MACY any questions about MPF!

BCT iPortfolio

“BCT iPortfolio” recommends you with a model portfolio and fund choices that suit you the best according to your risk level. Do the risk assessment questionnaire every year, or when your life stage changes, to review your latest risk level.
To stay abreast of the ever-changing market, “BCT iPortfolio” adjusts asset allocation in the model portfolios quarterly based on fund managers’ latest investment views, helping you to make informed investment decisions!

Complete the risk assessment questionnaire here, and view the latest model portfolio for reference.


Use the app to keep tabs on your fund performance and the latest market trends, you can also set fund price alert!

Two-factor authentication is now available for online members to log in to their accounts faster! You must log in to the account with one-time password and enable biometric authentication after clicking personal setting.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication refers to logging in to the account using fingerprint or facial recognition1. To activate it, please follow the registration steps for fingerprint or facial recognition via BCT mobile app“BCT MPF” on your mobile device2


‧Enhance account security by accessing the account with your own fingerprint or facial recognition
‧No need to store your password
‧Faster and convenient login
 1 Only compatible with mobile devices that support fingerprint or facial recognition
2 Facial recognition only applies to designated mobile devices that operate on iOS version

Opt in to e-Benefit Statement and e-Notices

Opt in to e-Benefit Statement and e-Notices

Receive the electronic version of “Annual Member Benefit Statement” and other important information. Click here to opt in to e-Benefit Statements and e-Notices in 3 simple steps.

Login → MyBCT → Setting